Basic Facts about Private Primary School HUMAN
School Director:
Mrs. Eva Bednáriková

School Office:
Starozagorska 8
040 23 Kosice




- Elementary School grades 1-9 with the ability to continue through secondary school
- Integrated school training based on the European model integrating elementary and secondary school
- Teaching based on specific lesson plans expanded to include English and expanded sports programme with a tennis or dance emphasis)
- Billingual teaching from grade 1 during both classroom and freetime learning with a native English speaker
- Integrated form of teaching for gifted students in the class with expanded foreign language lessons
- Other foreign language opportunities ( German, French, Russian, Spain )
- Non-traditional teaching methods using innovative trends
- Focus on creative and humanistic training and education
- Our own programme of Global Education focusing on developing the complete individuals and their place in society and the enviroment
- Project-based learning and co-operation in teaching and student pen pals from around the world - Global Classroom
- Organized courses offered during afternoon freetime
- Talent development in Children´s Afterschool Club or Children´s Leisuretime Activities Centre during the afternoons
- Activities of „the European Club” and support pro-european ideas for teaching and development
- Parental involvement in the teaching process and school programme
- Student teaching centre for teachers in training and co-operation with the Pedagogical Faculty of University in Presov and Faculty of Arts of Pavol Jozef Safarik University in Kosice
- Awarded by European Language Label 2010

Postcard from Kosice